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Making Accounts and Tax Understandable


Understandably many of our clients are keen to minimise their accountancy fees.

Our fees are very competitive. For us to give you a quotation we just need you to advise the following.

Did you only require a tax return or business accounts as well?

Are you a Company, Sole Trader, Partnership or individual?

What is the nature of your business?

Unless you are a new start up, when is your year end?

What is your annual turnover? (please estimate if you are a start  up)

Did you wish to provide your records on our free bookkeeping software, or in another format, or would you prefer for us to undertake your bookkeeping?

If you wish us to do your bookkeeping could you please advise on the approximate number of records. This is very much a guesstimate and does not need to be exact.

One sale = one record (i.e one sales invoice or one entry on your sales ledger).

One purchase receipt / invoice = one record.

Each entry on bank statement = one record.

Simply add up your approximate records per month and let us know.

If VAT registered did you want us to prepare your quarterly VAT return.

Did you want us do payroll for you. If yes please advise number of employees and frequency of pay period (e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.)

If a company did you want us to do the Director's payroll, to ensure tax efficiency.

If a company did you want us to prepare the Directors self assessment tax return. If yes, how many Directors?

For a quotation simply email the above details to or call us on 0800 783 8847 and we will reply with a quotation. We believe our fees are competitive and we do offer a price match service.

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